Have you ever thought about how, to spend summer vacation?

2 Февраль, 2017


Тредбо - the perfect place for a summer family holiday

Have you ever thought about how, to spend the summer here? When an ordinary Australian thinks about summer holidays, The first, what usually comes to mind is the Gold Coast or Noosa. But that's not the place.. It's not even in the top 50 places to stay in Australia.

Devf., that the top places for summer holidays with family include such hot spots in Australia, like the Gold Coast, Nusa or Sydney.

But certainly not Thredbo, famous ski village, located at the foot of the highest peak in Australia mount Kosciuszko. At least in the top 50 of my preferences it wasn't exactly, until the revision of one prominent online publications don't sent me there on a business trip.

This place is a five-and-a-half hour drive from Sydney, and it was a real revelation for our family!

If you and your family love such events and events, like fishing, Mountaineering, Rock climbing, Skateboard, Trampoline, skiing mountains and the like, then this is the place for you.

Who knew, This summer area covered with snow turned out so many offers for young bodies and young at heart?



Take a day off

Боали Лодж (Boali Lodge) allows hardworking parents to take a break, and children will also have a lot of new entertainment.

How often is it, that we, as parents seem to be going on a family vacation, and actually just changing one kitchen to another? But not this time! On this trip we were on "full security".

Our Lodge was located just 100 metres from the Kosciuszko Express chairs, and the only effort, that we had to commit, When it came to eating in this beautifully designed ski house - it's easy to enjoy.

Chef, he's the manager Carolyn Major preparing breakfasts to order, picnic lunch packages to suit all our requirements and serves up to three huge meals to each of us., targeting adults every evening.

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