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18 May, 2013


Аэропорт Сидней - Sydney skylineNothing can scare tourists, who wants to go on holiday to Australia: no bird killer, or duck-demons, no meter grasshoppers. Yet, of Australian tourist can safely say - he dedicated, ready for days to get to the continent, not afraid of merciless sun and fantastic animals.
Getting to Australia in the following ways:
 flight from Moscow to Sydney, transit cherez Tokyo. This is a joint flight airline "Aeroflot" and Qantas. While flying to Australia in this way you can make a tour of Tokyo, tk. about 12 hours will stop. If necessary, then a hotel for the night free of charge.
 pereletom with EmiratesAirlines in Sydney, Окленд, Brisben, Melbourne or Perth via Dubai.
 pereletom with KoreanAir to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbenaili Auckland with a stopover in Seoul.
It is not full, using which you can get to Australia. The only, that unites them all - this is the total time of flight will last about 20 Hours.
It should be noted, that citizens of Russia and CIS countries require a visa to visit the country.
Amount, the size of which is equal to or greater than 10 000 AUD, must be declared on arrival and departure. On the territory of the country is forbidden to import drugs, food, firearms, materials of plant and animal origin, ammunition, medications.
You can hold items for a total of 900 AUD or for children to 18 Years – 450 AUD without customs duty and tax-free. Also you can import duty free 2,25 liters of alcoholic drinks, 250 grams of tobacco or 250 cigarettes.
Forbidden to export from the country of plants and animals. Without the permission of the items you can not take out, of historical value.



On arrival in Australia, you can then either take a car for rent, or order a taxi. To rent a car you will be required
international driving permit(English) and your driver's license with a certified translation into English. And the law must be valid for at least, than 3 year of residence in addition to the rights Avstraliyu.Za driving you should be with him as passport with a valid visa. Car rentals can take a person at least 21 years of age with a driving experience of at least 2 year. It should be remembered, that in Australia drive on the left.
Topics, who orders a taxi should know, that taxi drivers, it is usually, immigrants and they do not always know the city well, therefore, you should first try to make sure, the taxi driver knows exactly, wherever you go. Although, If you need a hotel, major department store or a famous attraction, then you will be able to drop off without any problems, even new. Cars, taxis in the country – it's usually middle-class car with air conditioning mark "Ford". Catch a taxi, not a problem anywhere, even late at night. taxi fare is relatively cheap. If you drive a company of 3 or more people, then bus tickets will cost you the same amount of, and how much a taxi ride.
So, in the article, we draw your attention to the fact, how to get into the country and Australia that can be easily put in a suitcase, and on what and how best to move the country.

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