10 советов любителям кемпингового отдыха

26 Май, 2017


Make yourself comfortable and accustom.

Select leisure routes this summer? Don't forget to pack a little glowing sticks and rug.

It was advice from managers more than 35 Australian Recreation Parks, who are already puzzled by the question, to come up with something else., to make up 10 the most important tips for fans of riding a big auto-camper or spending their holidays in campsites.

CEO of Crown Park Holidays in New South Wales, Steve Edmonds says, that the management representatives of their park, thanks to decades of experience serving caravanning and camping enthusiasts, can share it and tell them in detail, how to get the most out of your cabin, caravanning or camping while on vacation.



Head of Holiday Park Evans on North Coast Eidrian Isdown says, that they offer such a service, like free caravan parking, which has already prevented many conflicts and jokingly calls them a service of "marriage economy".

"Don't be shy, ask for help from park staff, we get a lot of van maneuvering practice during the season.", he says.

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