Australia's Queensland.

24 Май, 2013




It is australia's richest state for entertainment and attractions.. On the Gold Coast (Gold Coast) you will be able to lie under an umbrella or spend time, riding a surf, Jump from the bridge into the water, parachute or water ski or jet ski.
The city of Surfers Paradise is the centre of the city of Surfers Paradise, Here you'll find one of the best beaches in Australia. Initially, there was only one hotel in the city, that's where it all started.. At the moment there is an atmosphere of eternal celebration, which doesn't go quiet even at night. Arriving on holiday in Surfers Paradise, You'll find, that got into well-equipped high-rise hotels with excellent service, you can visit the bars, Restaurants, discos and nightclubs. In the cabaret "Mystic" you will see a show, that will make you believe, that you are in the Moulin Rouge variety show in Paris. You will also have the opportunity to dine at one of the luxury ships-restaurants, which after dark, go to furrow the waters of the ocean.
Gamblers, the same will not be bored, as it is the largest gambling house casino "Jupiter".
Yet, the most popular on the gold coast has a surfing. For true fans of the sport not find a better place than Burleigh Head National Park. Here, everything is thought out to the smallest nuances, up to the, that rescuers, which necessarily are on the beach, regularly announce the height of the waves, the wind, time of low tide and high tide times, as well as water temperature reported.
Do not be discouraged if you're not a surfer, for you there is a lot of fun, less extreme, but no less interesting and exciting. Sea World park invites you to swim with the dolphins, to the "Bermuda Triangle" with a very high mountain fly through volcanic flames and the underground labyrinth. And that love is all, so it's water polo, with the team, consisting of marine inhabitants whales, penguins and sea lions.

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