What to bring with you on a bus ride?

19 Сентябрь, 2019


One of the main problems of travelers – it's to take the whole house with you on the road, and then don't use it. Sure, Don't hang yourself with things, And you also need to remember the rule: one bag for each traveler. This will help avoid additional packages, and fit in one suitcase just all the essentials.

What things you'll need?

  • money
  • documents
  • Armor
  • pillow and sleep mask
  • Ear plugs
  • snack and bottle of water
  • Road kit
  • Medication
  • Camera

Such important things, without which you can not do on a trip – documents and money, as well as insurance, it's worth keeping in a ziplock #8217 or folder somewhere with you. Cash is worth taking a little and splitting them into several parts. Keep them separate: In the purse, Pocket, Underwear. This is a reliable way to avoid theft and stay with the money in a negative case. If you have a bank card, you still take care of the cash: In some places, terminals do not accept. The card should also be kept as close to yourself as possible. Make copies of your passport, insurance and armor, and also have electronic options in case of paper loss.

Sleep bus can sometimes equate to real flour: everything hurts, lie uncomfortable, It's cold, back is swollen. Inflatable pillow and plaid problems, of course, won't decide, But life will make it easier. They are lightweight and compact, so won't take up a lot of space, but would be a good way to get to your destination with a little sleep..

Sleep mask will help during the day trip or if at night you are disturbed by the turned on lantern of neighbors. The mask will help you immerse yourself in total darkness, to create the feeling of a night. From unnecessary sounds will help earplugs.



Chips and crackers – This is, of course, Great, But on the road with these things it's better not to joke, because the risk of going to the hospital is high. It is better to cook everything carefully from home: Take a tasty and light snack. For example, Fruit, Vegetables, Cookies. Thermos is also useful: Bring tea or coffee, You can often pour boiling water on buses. Water is not worth taking, Enough bottle 0.5, so as not to wait nervously for every sanitary stop.

It is worth having a minimum road kit: Toothbrush, pasta and comb. The morning after sleep will be good to clean yourself up. Often there are toilets in buses, And if you don't, There's a toilet at any gas station.

Medications may be needed, First aid. If you have a headache or fever, Then some drugs can alleviate your bad condition. Take tablets in your hand luggage, because no one will stop, so you can find them in your luggage..

Journey – wonderful thing, so to capture all the happy moments, Bring your camera. Then looking through the pictures you will remember it with warmth in the shower.

You should have a list of universal things, that you will take with you on each trip. It is very convenient, so you don't have to worry about it every time. «What to bring?» Pack your suitcase and a good way!




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