Is this really the best tourist places in Australia?

7 Июнь, 2015


Fremantle Prison. One of our best attractions Australia, on TripAdvisor. Author photo: Rob. Source: Flickr

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Fremantle Prison. Etc.. …

Site for travellers TripAdvisor recently published a new list of the top 10 attractions in Australia and in the world. Once it was analyzed more 700 world attractions based on millions of travelers ' reviews, on the site have a list with some pretty unusual results.

In the list of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, as you would expect, included such exciting and well-known tourist icons, like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, as well as all recognized Peruvian Machu Picchu and Taj Mahal.

But here are some places, in the local lists countries puzzle.
Of course, No one will argue, so, that Sydney Opera House took first place in Australia and finished 23 place among the main attractions in the world. But many other positions in the list, such as, for example, the prison Chapel in Hobart or jail Fremantle in Western Australia, make some think.



We were just wondering: they have exhausted all options? It really is the best, that there are in Australia? Or just a dark side to them Australia's history is one of the most charming things about our nation?

And what is your opinion: What do you think the principal in Australia? Tell us, below.

The famous Temple of Angkor Wat.

Here's, that writes at the website TripAdvisor Barbara Messing, talking about how to, that inclusion in this list means, that they have chosen the most classy places: «Among the selected travellers tourist attractions, who were the winners in the community of TripAdvisor, highlighted some of the world's most iconic places, that is a must-see. Travelers can explore the colourful history and culture of these, worthy rewards attractions».

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