Ecotourism in Australia and New Zealand

13 Сентябрь, 2018


One of the directions of tourism, obtaining active development lately-ecotourism.

Ecotourism is an excellent way to take a break from endless routine, from mad rhythm of life in stuffy megacities.

As Australia is a country of unspoilt nature and national nature reserves, Ecotourism is becoming very popular among all types of tourism in the country. Ecological holidays in Australia is a chance to plunge into the world of nature.

Why the choice fell on Australia? Because here the most beautiful natural landscape, the abundance of nature reserves-a real space for photographers. Flora and fauna of Australia can surprise not only the diversity of species, but its uniqueness is some inhabitants of natural reserves are found here in almost a single copy. If you say otherwise, The 75% all plants, animals and birds cannot be met anywhere, In addition to Australia.



Holidays in Australia is a pleasure can not be compared with anything. Only here you can get in touch with the primeval nature, having been in the jungle and watching animals in their natural habitat Wednesday. Still linger in deaf places Australia Aboriginal settlement, that kept the national color of life. Visiting Aboriginal villages, You can watch not only for the way their lives, but the visit on their national celebrations, that in itself is a bright and colorful spectacle.

Very many nature reserves and national parks of Australia included in the programme of cultural and natural heritage (to date, Australia is 11 such objects). While in the reserves, should strictly observe all prescribed rules.

Eco-tourism is developed and in neighbouring New Zealand. Ecological tours in New Zealand is a journey to the numerous fjords and rocky massifs on the coast, in the national and natural reserve, Rafting on the rivers of the jungle, visit aboriginal settlements of New Zealand. Some of the objects are unique in their kind-Mount Cook, Waitomo Caves, Oblique toe, Blue Lake-these attractions included in the program of compulsory attendance.

These wild and unrestrained edges and wildlife Kingdom attracted many photographers, journalists and travelers. Because there is little read about such beauty-its a must see with your own eyes!

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