This is really one of the best places in Australia?

26 Март, 2015


Cessnock Chessnok (Cessnock) … Yes yes, Trip Adviser believes, that this place is better, than Gold Coast. Photo: The Daily Telegraph.

PRETTY great bewilderment caused a recent list of Trip Adviser, with some of the most popular destinations in Australia, where are missing many of the most popular destinations in favor of cities with rather vague reputation.

Surprisingly, but according to the travel giant Trip Adviser, Sydney was voted the spot No. 1 for a holiday in Australia, a rating of a small provincial town Chessnok was higher Gold Coast, that sparked a rumble of discontent among Australians.

Located in the Hunter Valley, wine lands, Chessnok was put on 10-th place in the list, just behind Nusa and Adelaide.

Chief Executive Officer of the Council for Tourism Queensland Daniel Gschvild said, that Gold Coast deserves, to be on the list.



«Of course, It should be there», сказал он. «From the point of view of a large number of visitors, who go there go, It said and the relevance of its popularity».

Sydney Sydney … still no. 1. Photo: The Daily Telegraph.

Site «Trip Adviser» today published its list of the best tourist destinations in 2015 Year, in which the Harbor ahead of Melbourne and Brisbane.

The study took into account only the quantity and quality of reviews on Trip Adviser website, not the number of visitors to the resorts. Perth, Darwin and Canberra were outside the top-10 list.

Cold climate of Hobart also can hardly compete with the Gold Coast tourist popularity.

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