Это намного лучше, чем кемпинг: Лучшие в мире отели на деревьях, Part 2

27 June, 2017


6. Four Seasons Resort – Costa Rica

This luxurious hotel is situated at an altitude of 97 meters above sea level, If to be exact.

Score: 4.8 from 5

This oasis on the hillside overlooks the golden beaches of Papagayo, and despite the, technically it is not built on a tree, However, his excellent the apartments are located in the breathtaking imagination jungle. Price from $ 788 per room per day.

7.Tsala Treetop Lodge, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

This mystical haven.

Score: 4.8 from 5


Rooftop suites have private bathrooms, fireplaces and even swimming pools. Here you will find the Dzhukani Wildlife Park, Robberg nature reserve, Knysna elephant Park and Plettenberg Bay Beach. Price from $ 358 per room per day.

8. Dzhamapala Resort, Tioman island, Malaysia

There is no better way to appreciate the lush forest, than to live among it.

Score: 4.5 from 5



This hotel, located on the bottom border of the forest on an island Tioman, accessible only by boat, but once you get there, вы будете вознаграждены гидромассажной ванной, отличной кухней и потрясающим видом на Южно-Китайское море. Price from $ 482 per room per day.

9. Аква Велнесс Ресорт, Никарагуа

Этот потрясающий курорт упорно трудится, to offset its carbon footprint.

Score: 4 from 5

These villas with rustic houses, located in a lush tropical setting on the Emerald Coast Nicaragua, are filling swimming pools, открытые балийские души и отдельную палубу, идеально подходящую для наблюдения за солнцем, висящим над Тихим океаном. Price from $ 315 per room per day.

10. Эврика-Спрингс Триас, Пещеры и замки Хоббит, Эврика-Спрингс, USA

It is the House of your childhood dreams.

Score: 4.8 from 5

Wooden houses are built on stilts out of cedar logs, surrounded by beautiful greenery, and they're themed – так что вы можете выбрать в каком стиле хотите жить в домах Венеции, Нью-Йорка, Санта-Фе или Парижа. Price from $ 222 per room per day.


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