Hawaii to create trans-Pacific stream of travellers from Australia

27 Сентябрь, 2020


Hawaii Governor David Ige has already announced in the summer his state's plans to introduce an expedited testing option on The Cowed before traveling for travelers as an alternative to a 14-day quarantine for those, who's going to come to the island.

However, then the attempt to organize such travel from Australia was not realized, as the plans were destroyed by the second wave of diseases in both countries. But now Hawaii has decided to put forward a similar idea again.

Because tourism is a key component of the island nation's economy, Hawaii government is thinking about creating a flow of tourists from other Pacific countries, Including Australia.
And it could happen as early as October..

Hawaii Governor David Ige said at a news conference Tuesday 18 August, that he was considering allowing non-American tourists to the island already 1 October, to kick-start the shattered tourism industry.

Hawaii not so badly affected by coronavirus pandemic, like many other U.S. states, largely because of its island status.

The country of palm trees reported 6356 cases of coronavirus at the time of writing, which is relatively small for the U.S..

Incidence figures remain low, даже несмотря на то, that many Americans from the mainland can go to Hawaii as tourists.

Cyclist rides on empty Waikiki beach 26 июля 2020 g. Фото: Ronen Silberman / AFP

Now the island's governor wants to expand Hawaii's tourism pool at the expense of other Pacific rim countries, such as Japan and Australia.



"I've worked with mayors of all districts, to identify ways to get travellers back more quickly", – сказал он.

These plans include a "geozone" in resorts, where the property will be responsible for quarantine arriving guests during the 14 Days.

"We are exploring all possibilities, to safely bring Pacific travelers to the island..

Nonetheless, he recognizes, that mandatory two-week quarantine is not very attractive for new arrivals, and mulls ways to reduce the quarantine period.

Hawaii Governor David Ige speaks at a community meeting. Фото: Mario Tama / Getty Images / AFP

More 13 Governor Ige said, that will allow travelers to enter the state without hindrance, if they have a negative test for COVID-19, made for nothing more than 72 hours before the trip.

However, implementation of this plan has already been postponed three times due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. Now, как ожидается, this plan is being implemented 1 October.

In the meantime: "All people, like residents, so are the guests, coming from other states to Hawaii, are still subject to mandatory 14-day quarantine", – confirmed by the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

"The start of the state testing program before the trip has been postponed not earlier, than 1 October".




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Hawaii to create trans-Pacific stream of travellers from Australia

Hawaii Governor David Ige has already announced his state's plans in the summer [more]

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