Holidays in Australia – what to see for tourists?

4 Февраль, 2022


A trip to the famous green continent does not leave anyone indifferent. Each tourist takes something of his own after a stay in Australia. And there will be even more vivid impressions, and the journey will turn out to be even more saturated with exciting trips and a variety of excursions, if you use the professional services of Russian-speaking guides.

What you can see during the author's excursion, offered on ? Within the framework of a unique program, different routes can be offered, depending on the preferences of specific tourist groups.

Diving enthusiasts will be able to find exciting entertainment under the guidance of experienced instructors and admire the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in those places. A tour of Melbourne will give a lot of interesting moments when visiting various museums and architectural monuments.

Also, the program of excursion tours can include the world-famous Blue Mountains and other natural Australian attractions.

Blue Mountains.



And at each stage of the author's tour it will be possible to enjoy the national cuisine, and meet a variety of animals in their natural habitat. And in Australia there are such species of animals and birds, and also grow such types of plants, which you will not find anywhere in the world. It's a kangaroo., koalas, tree ferns (dinosaur peers), as well as many other representatives of the animal and plant world. Especially interesting will be a trip along the South Coast, where there are famous picturesque places, including, one of the wonders of the world 12 the Apostles. Along the Great Ocean Road with length 240 kilometers can be traveled with professional guides, able to show and tell about the most significant events in the history of the continent.


Throughout all routes, guides will offer the best observation platforms, where you can admire the Australian landscapes and take spectacular photos. There are many objects in Australia, created by nature, which include Loch Ard Gorge, as well as beautiful buildings, produced by civilization.

Another unforgettable event for many tourists is the penguin parade., when you can observe a huge number of these beautiful creatures on the ocean coast.

And many more beautiful and amazing things can be found in Australia, if you use individual author's tours.

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