Short Weekend in Victoria: go along the route of Ned Kelly, Part 2

12 March, 2014


Beveridge Farm, Victoria, Ned Kelly's homeland.

Next, move to Evroa / Euroa, The scene of Kelly's most daring gang robbery. There's a bank in town., who was here and in 1878 Year, and who was robbed on q 2000 Gang, it became the first in a chain of further similar robberies in the area. Then go back to Hume Highway / Hume Highway and proceed to the next stop on the list - Benella / Benalla. Rest in this charming town will be remembered by you for a long time.

It is here that, in this city with a population of just under 10 000 Residents, Kelly was arrested while drinking in a tavern during a stop, When he passed on a horse through the city. You can skip a detailed history of his arrest and trial, of which there are plenty of references and descriptions throughout the city. For respite from driving, you can ride the bikes around the artificial lake Mocoan / Mokoan. However, the super-popular tourist attraction of the lake is not, especially after the, as plans for the return of the area to its original wetlands began to be developed.

Then we go to the place, where Kelly's gang was destroyed - Glenrovan. And while the original Glenrovan Hotel Inn, where the last Kelly gang fight took place, no longer exists, Nevertheless,, you'll find a suitable lunch in the pub, is its alternative, namely, the Glenrovan Hotel. The city itself is chock full of artifacts times Kelly so, that the city can easily move around the stands with information about it.



Then direct your route up to Beechworth / Beechworth – charming city of the time of the gold rush, Which one, in addition to where Kelly's trial took place., became one of the main tourist delights of the region.

Stay overnight in Freeman on Ford for the full, a true immersion in the atmosphere of the host country.

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