Best 10 the beaches of Australia and 20 the world in 2018 year version Trip Adviser

27 Март, 2018


Grace Bay – Providensialis, Turks and Caicos Islands, was named best beach in the world.

Trip Adviser also published a list of the best beaches in the world. In the global list of Manley finished 16-th place, two positions below British beach Bournemouth Beach, who repeatedly beats all the famous beaches of Australia in recent 14 years.

Best 10 beaches Australia:

1. Manly Beach – Sydney, New South Wales

2. Surfer Paradise Beach / Surfers Paradise Beach, Queensland

3. Beach Postcard – Vajtsandej island, Queensland

4. Нуса Мэйн Бич / Noosa Main Beach, Queensland

5. Bondi Beach – Sydney, New South Wales

6. Chetyrehmilnyj Beach / Four Mile Beach – Port Douglas, Queensland

7. Кабле Бич / Cable Beach – Brum, Western Australia

8. Mooloolaba Beach – Mooloolaba, Queensland

9. Burlajh Head Beach / Burleigh Heads Beach, Queensland

10. Бирюзовый залив / Turquoise Bay – Exmouth, Washington

Top 10 beaches (World):

1. Grace Bay – Providensialis, Turks and Caicos Islands, British overseas territory in the West Indies

2. Baja Sancho – Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

3. Varadero Beach – Varadero, Cuba

4. Игл Бич / Eagle Beach – Palm, Aruba



5. Semimilnyj Beach / Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

6. Beach Of La Concha – San Sebastian – Donostia, Spain

7. Clearwater Beach – Clearwater, Florida

8. Semimilnyj Beach / Seven Mile Beach – Negril, Jamaica

9. Bavaro Beach – Bavaro, Dominikanskaya Respublika

10. Playa Norte – Isla Mujeres, Мексика

11. Elafonissi Beach – Greece

12. Falésia Beach / Falesia Beach – Португалия

13. Фиг Три Бэй / Fig Tree Bay – Кипр

14. Bournemouth Beach – United Kingdom

15. Anse Lazio – Seychelles

16. Manly Beach – Australia

17. Santa Monica Beach – Cape Verde

18. Agonda Beach – India

19. Cleopatra Beach – Turkey

20. Galapagos beach at Tortuga Bay – Galapagos Islands

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