Лучшие Австралийские каникулы в 2015, Part 3

25 June, 2015


District 1770 on the coast of Diiskaveri.

• City 1770, Квинсленд

Tiny town with the strange name surrounded on three sides by the Coral Sea and Bustard Bay was second place James Cook's landing and the crew of the shuttle endeavour in may 1770 year.

• Hamilton Island, Квинсленд

On this island is one of the best hotels in the world – Qualia. If you manage to get here, The, I think, quiet life in luxury surrounded by nature you will be provided.

Welcome to the Qualia. Photo: Kate Schneider

And what's more, Hamilton Island is so close to one of the most incredible natural sites of Australia, that you can just hop on a helicopter and visit the world-famous Great Barrier Reef.


Heart reef. Photo: Kate Schneider



And you can go on a picnic at the beach Uajthjeven (Whitehaven). Oh, Bliss!


Heavenly Beach Uajthjeven. Photo: Kate Schneider.

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