Лучшие кофейни Западной Австралии, Part 4

24 June, 2015


The culinary blogger Liz Lyons enjoys breakfast Piccolo in Western Lidervill. Author photo: Marie Nirme.

Western Australia

1. Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park
If you like waffles – This is your place! «My waffles were surprisingly plump with a crispy crust close to perfection. The poached pear was very good, and strawberries tasted like real strawberries! Jasmine is a real cream whipped delight», so written in the recall of one of the Yelp website visitors.

2. Corner Piccolo / Piccolo Corner, Western Lidervill
(pictured at the beginning of the article).
3. "La coffee and Wine Kitchen», Perth
4. Cafe Ugly, Perth
5. Moana Coffee, Perth
6. Attic, Fremantle
What can be said about Cafe Loft / The Attic? «I have to say., that coffee was pretty good. Loses points due to the rather high cost per liquid ounce, but gets points thanks to the sweet pancakes and design decor. It is Freo Cafe with a very cosy and glutinous atmosphere», says one reviewer.

Cafe «Loft», St. Bannister 16A, Fremantle.

7. Little Willie, North Bridge
8. Espresso-bar Shalki, Fremantle
9. Sherbet, Mjejlands
10. Bosman Coffee, Mount Lawley
«It is a small, cozy, dimly lit hippie-style café-bar, inside the woodworks and several pretty graceful columns, recovered from the era 1970. Basically this place for coffee lovers, but they also have a pretty big selection of products, including a variety of home-made sweet and savory Greek cookies», written in one of the reviews.

Bossman Coffee Cafe on Mount Loli ranked among Australia's top 100 coffee shops.



And you agree? Are these Yelp establishments the best coffee shops in Australia?? Tell us in the comments below.


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