The best places in Australia for your holiday in 2015

24 June, 2015


Relax in the Cradle Mountain National Park / Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.

Want to escape from daily routine and recharge batareki, but you don't have enough of resolve?
Some of the most incredible natural objects on the planet are right behind your threshold, you just need to know, where to look.

So here's a list of, where can I best spend their holidays in 2015 Year: from swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef before bathing and sunbathing on a Beach, This hidden jewel of Australia.

• Cradle Mountain National Park / Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

One of the most iconic from traveling into the wild, Cradle Mountain National Park (Cradle Mountain) is the spot, where are the most breathtaking hiking trails. You'll pass through ancient rainforests, by glacial lakes and the Rocky Mountains. See Wombats, peacefully wandering around …

Just going about their business Wombat. Source: Getty Images.

• Small Beach (Little Beach), Western Australia



City Of Albany, tucked away on the South coast of Western Australia, is home to some of the most amazing treasures. The best place is the small beach (Little Beach) with intact, the gentlest, white sand, fabulous blue water and as a massive frame at all this splendor of spectacular rock formations.

Small beach-a small, but seldom is crowded with visitors. Photo: Kate Schneider

Also nearby are pretty impressive Danish Elephantine Rocks.

Elephantine Rocks shake your perception. Photo: Stuart Allen.

Extension: Lord Howe Island, Kakadu National Park and Ningaloo Reef >>

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