The best beaches of sunny beach, Part 2

15 August, 2016


Баддина Бич - лучший пляж на Солнечном Берегу Австралии.

Baddina Beach - the place, where you never have to fight for a place on the sand. Photo: Jenny Hewitt

The best beaches

If you've ever got to a wide beach field of hard work, you can understand, why locals on the Sunshine Coast are laughing last.

Even in the summer, пляжи, closest to the main centre of Maruhidore are relatively deserted.

That, that The Sunshine Coast (Sunshine Coast) lacking in popularity to be the world famous mecca for surfing, it makes up for the absence of the suffering crowds here and lower prices for accommodation and food.

A sandy stretch of coast called Kosa (The Spit), located away from the hiking trails north of the southern end of Mooloolaba Beach, is the perfect place for fans to frolic on the waves and is still well kept secret.



In between swims among the packs of fish, Surfers can taste food from fresh seafood and hot chips with meat wrapped in paper, all-around chip shops.

You certainly can't deny yourself the pleasure of taking a seafood lunch right on the coast. Photo: Jenny Hewitt

When the sea swells, local rowing to Point Carthright north of Baddin, there is a quiet stretch of beach south of Mooloolaba and Alexandra Hedland, with the popular point of rupture of the water current of the northern level.

More inquisitive navigators can explore the rock pool located on Shelly Beach near Calundra, where they won't be left indifferent by blue snails, kauri shells and oine poisonous blue-ringed octopuses.

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