Top Secrets of the central coast of Australia

27 Ноябрь, 2013


The beach in Terrigal / Terrigal.

Shh … don't tell anyone. Here are the best hidden hot spots on the central coast of new South Wales.

Across Australia, in small cities and towns, There are secret places, locals like to keep solely for yourself. On the central coast of new South Wales, they also have.

Path to local secrets of numerous – from Beach burgers, hidden breweries, local music sites, that have hosted the world-renowned musicians.

Лизотты Лайф энд Кукинг"Lizotty Life end 21:15hrs» (Kitchen Life Lizottov) / Lizottes Live N Cookin' – is the main display- amazing thing here on the coast. Brian and Joe Lizotty started sometime live on this site, where this restaurant brings together all the cream of Australian and international music and played here on the coast. Music in the blood of this family – brother Brian is none other, as the Diesel, who regularly plays here, attracting throngs of fans. Restaurant "Lizotty Life 21:15hrs" and attracts all the excellent food, wine and music, which offers dinner and show packages with meals and you definitely would have returned here to once again spend time over dinner.



The late comedian from the UK, Spike Milligan, famously said, somehow, that Howling-Howl was «the world's only above ground cemetery», but now the howling-Howl may laugh last. Milligana parents lived here in the fifties, And he is, as it is considered, posted by three of their books, so the local Council decided to engrave the name of Milligana at the local pedestrian bridge and on the wing of the library chassis Gosford, where to store some of his works in memory of him, that means, that he'll always be remembered in this place. It's a mecca for true fans.

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