Best tours Australia: Whale watching in Hervey Bay, Segway tour of Perth, Atertonskie waterfalls, Ч2

2 July, 2019


Photos: If you enjoy whale watching, Please note this tour in Hervey Bay.

3. Hervey Bay Premium, Whale Watch cruise – Hervey Bay Bay / HERVEY BAY, Квинсленд

Enjoy the majestic humpback whale migration in this Cruise on Hervey Bay.

Listen to the most informative comments about whales and their migration to Antarctica from your enthusiast case. This exclusive tour includes morning tea, lunch «Buffet» and afternoon teas with fruit and cheese.

4. Segway city tour Perth and East Coast – Perth, Western Australia

Look at the main attractions of Perth on Segway-Tours along the prosperous and beautiful waterfront city. With an experienced guide you will, Cruise along the Swan River and get acquainted with sights, As Kings Park, Klezebruk Bay and the coastline of the river.

Photos. This tour covers much more extensive itinerary, than the usual walking tour.




Segway tour will provide an opportunity to explore much more interesting places, than walking tour, but will you still be outdoors is the perfect way to explore any solar city with many streets, for example, such as Perth.

5. Tours to the waterfalls of Tejbllends Cairns-Atherton – Cairns, Квинсленд

Discover the natural wonder of Queensland Atherton-Tejbllends (Atherton Tablelands) waterfalls in this one-day trip from Cairns. With the guide you take a light walk to three waterfalls – Josephine falls, Mijoa waterfall and Millaa and waterfall Dinner – and refresh, After a dip in the Lake Jevernam.

Discover the natural wonders Atertonskih Plains of Queensland

Travelers say, that this tour includes beautiful places and a lot of time in order, to enjoy each stop.

Look also at the Cathedral fig tree, explore the volcanic crater in Mount Gipami National Park and enjoy plenty of time spent in and photographing the surrounding beauty of bathings.

Extension: Best tours Australia: Kayaking in Hobart, Boat trips to the beaches Postcard Ч3

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