Lux safari tent at the ranch on Юzhnoй Vilpena Pound Australian

30 October, 2013


Vilpena Pound Ranch Opens 15 luxury safari tents

Vilpena Pound Ranch in Flinders in South Australia opens 15 luxury tents for safari and hunting enthusiasts.
Resort, located at a distance of about 400 km from Adelaide, puts the camp into operation «Глэмпинг / Glamping» in an exclusive area near its main base camp.
Made of waterproof tarpaulin, The tents are equipped with double beds, Bathrooms, gas heaters with fire extinguishing system for winter placement and ceiling fans for summer.
They will also be equipped with hair dryers, sockets and reading lamps, But there will be no television.
Deck, which will be built at the front of the tents will allow guests to soak up the end of the day and admire the impressive rock formations.
Every evening before dinner, guests will gather by the fireplace at sunset and enjoy traditional Australian bread and billy tea.
Prices start from $ 340 for a double tent in low season, which lasts in Australia from November to March and from $ 390 in high season from April to October, including dinner, Bed & Breakfast.
Some tents will have extra beds for families, and sleeps up to four people.
Don't forget, that the high season in Australia is the winter months, However, at this time it is dry and warm. Daytime temperatures reach 32C, And at night it's a little cooler from +10 up to 15C.
Hunting in Australia provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique nature of remote areas of the country. In South Australia, you can hunt many species of animals, including the South Pacific Water Buffalo, wild bull - banteng and various types of antelopes, fallow deer, deer and wapiti.
Of the weapons, semi-automatic rifles from Benelli or Marocchi are recommended, descriptions of which can be found . Weapons can be rented either, directly at Wilpena Pound Ranch, or bring your own.




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