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21 July, 2016


Kathmandu is one of the places of arrival on the radar of Australian holidaymakers. Photo source: IStock

Kathmandu, Nepal

Thanks to the active desire to destroy all traces of the earthquake 2015 year, fascinating capital of Nepal became again open for tourist business.

Путешественники снова могут обращаться к ошеломляющему архитектурному наследию Катманду, as a cultural treasure, and its shops and restaurants. Kathmandu is also obvious gateway to majestic Himalayas.

Популярная система онлайн-бронирования отелей Agoda зафиксировала недавно 144-процентный рост в годовом исчислении в бронировании австралийцами туров в Непал.

Красочный и яркий Саппоро. Фото: Liam Ficgibbon

Padang, Indonesia

When the Australians want to catch a wave outside the continent or go tropical camping, they are all more eager to get into Padang, столицу провинции Западной Суматры.

Его еда пользуется огромной популярностью, будучи самым известным местом в мире кулинарных изысков Индонезии.

Sapporo, ЯПОНИЯ

Perhaps there is no better place, where you can enjoy the culinary riches of Hokkaido, than in his underrated capital.

Sapporo is also the gateway to the world-class ski resorts of Hokkaido. Every year in February the snow festival is held here, a huge ice sculpture.



Sapporo is also famous for beer, Sapporo beer Museum offers a tour of the brewery and tasting of city history.

Гора Фудзи и озеро Аши, Хаконэ.

Хаконэ, ЯПОНИЯ

Легкая дневная поездка из Токио в горный Хаконэ является идеальным способом, to escape from the urban jungle capital and for several nights and soak up the famous Onsen (Hot Springs) culture Japan.

Hakone also may offer some spiritual respite, If you visit the Hakone Jinja Shinto shrine on the shore of Lake Ashi.

The city also offers a stunning view of Mount Fuji, самый высокий горный пик Японии высотой 3776 meters.

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