Melbourne the best city in Australia

5 December, 2013


Sjeffaja Lounge Frajcinet / Saffire Freycinet coast overlooking the Muirs Beach on the East coast of Tasmania.

По версии журнала «Австралийский Путешественник / Australian Traveller magazine», who conducted the survey among 1100 its readers – Melbourne was voted the best city in Australia for travel, for spending holidays and as the most romantic city of the country.

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«It says a lot about our changing tastes and a greater interest in culinary tourism these days», says Rickard, inviting guests for lunch.

A classic beach vacation in Queensland was named the best overall impression of the trip to Australia.




• Best travel experience – Queensland Beach vacation
• Best city – Melbourne
• Best city – Дейлсфорд / Daylesford, Victoria
• The best summer holiday-Kharkov / Nusa
• The best winter vacation – Melbourne
• Most romantic city – Melbourne
• Limit of dreams – Кимберли
• Best suite hotel-Sjeffaja Frajcinet / Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania (cm. pictured above)
• Best resort-Kvalija / Qualia, Гамильтон-Айленд
• Best Adventure recreation place – Кимберли
• The best affordable hotel brand – Mantra Group
• Best hotel (B) & (B) – Margaret River Guest House
• Best excursion – 4On Fraser Island WDing
• Best bar – Opera Bar, Sydney

Opera Bar round Berth, Sydney.

• Best restaurant – Restaurant on the Quay, Sydney
• Best airline-Qantas / Qantas
• Best regional airline – Regional Express
• Best camping – Big4 Adventure Whitsunday resort
• Best train – Gan
• Best cruise – Кимберли.

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