The world like Australia's Tourism page Instagramm, Part 2

5 Февраль, 2015


Ужин на закате во время круиза по реке Кэтрин, Австралия.

Page Instargamm Tourism in Australia with a picture of dinner at sunset during River Cruise Katherine received more 26000 likes.

In a recent survey of more than 1300 followers page Instargamm Tourism in Australia, 69 per cent of Australian respondents said, that they believe, that the placement of the photos on the site, can contribute to the growth in the number of journeys.

This is the second part of the article «The world like Australia's Tourism page Instagramm«.

Еще 88 percent said, that page has influenced the, that the probability of choice of their future travel more leaning towards Australia.

Канадский туризм, Инстаграмм.

Despite such gorgeous scenery as this, page, dedicated to Canadian Tourism is only about one tenth of followers compared to Australia's Tourism page.

International followers, 91 per cent of respondents said, that page was inspired by their, to learn more about Australia as a place of rest, and 87 percent said, that is likely to, they come here.

One American follower wrote:

«I never thought, that would like to go to Australia, before I joined Instagramm. Now I can't imagine, that I did not arrive. There so pretty».



Another wrote:

«I'm going to spend six weeks in Australia next year. I can't wait, step as soon as possible with your foot on the continent, that intrigues me for years «.

Новозеландский туризм.

This page in the Instagramm "tourism in New Zealand», as this, hardly "throw down the gauntlet" similar page Instagramm, tourism in Australia.

Mr. O'Sullivan said, that one of the biggest advantages of having a page with such a large attendance at Instagramm, made it a platform for Australian tourism enterprises, which appeared a huge additional opportunity to showcase its products and experience to a global audience.

«This is a great opportunity for Australian tourism, and especially for those operators, who positively assess the role of social media and use such platform, as our page Instagramm, to promote your own travel business «, сказал он.

Instagramm is visited by more than 300 million users a month worldwide, 70 per cent of whom are outside the United States.

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