Unexpected Australian destinations are No.1 for airline employees

23 April, 2020


Magnetic Island - it's just a step away from Townsville... Could be, it should be on your internal travel list? Фото: Tourism and Events nsw

We asked some airline employees, which cities were their favorites for the night. Their answers may surprise you (and inspire your next Australian adventure).

There's probably not a lot of people., better understanding Australian cities and their unique charms, than airline employees, who spend most of their year, exploring these places during their overnight stops.

They are currently under surveillance and have free time, so we asked for a team from Wehren Australia. (Virgin Australia) name your favourite cities to visit in Australia.

As a result of this study, some unexpected topics have emerged, and answers, that may surprise you (no one listed the big metropolises of Melbourne or Sydney).

Their main places can give you a little inspiration as to what, where you'd like to visit after the lifting of the domestic travel ban.

It's a timely reminder, that there are quite a few interesting places in the back of the Australian backyard.


Фото: David Silva, TOURISM NT.

When the world's top developing tourist destinations 2020 year were announced as part of the Trip Edweiser Awards (TripAdvisor and #8217;s Travellers Choice), Darwin was the only Australian place, hit the list.

Trip Edweiser claims, that the choice of winners was based on the annual increase in positive ratings of reviews of residence, restaurants and attractions, as well as increasing interest in booking and searching for destinations around the world.

It is therefore not surprising, that many members of the Wehren team also named the state capital of the Northern Territory one of their favorite places.



Hosti Dinh Le speaks: "I love Darwin because of the tropical heat, 15-minute downpour with rain during the wet season, and then a quick return of the sun, followed by a cool evening and listening to the amazing thunder rolls and light shows.

"This is Australia with a very tropical and relaxed atmosphere, which makes me stop and slow down and enjoy a different perspective, than the hustle and bustle of a major city.".

During a night out in Darwin, Le likes to rent a car with colleagues "and go to the National Parks with waterfalls, to enjoy the stunning nature".

Lichfield National Park is just over an hour's drive from Darwin. Фото: TOURISM NT

Food is another important point. Lax received an enthusiastic review (spicy noodle soup – Peranakan dish, Common in Southeast Asia) at Mary's stall in Parap Markets, receiving review. Also deserving of all the praise steak in the pub Kavenag / Cavenagh.

Flight attendant Edwina Ingham excretes during dry season, As a key point in Mindil markets.

"The market atmosphere here is just electric, as locals and tourists roam the crowded stalls and try a surprisingly large number of dishes on offer. For me personally, nothing beats dinner with our team., with a real delightful lacquer, at sunset overlooking Mindil Beach".

Tash Stiles says, that she feels even a little guilty, when spending the night in Darwin.

"Because of the tropical weather and the cool atmosphere, sometimes I think, that I'm on vacation, While I'm working".

Renee Turnbull – another great Darwin defender, who says, that "it's a city of stunning diversity: "crocodiles, Palms, baobabs", fresh mango, year-round pleasant evenings and exciting lightning".

Extension. Unexpected places in Australia, which are the main destinations for flight attendants, ч2: WESTERN AUSTRALIA (in particular, BRUM, KIMBERLY AND PERTH)




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