Incredible destinations in Australia to visit during international travel ban: Stunning beaches, ч2

1 Ноябрь, 2020


Stunning Whitehaven Beach and Hill Bay. Photos: Hamilton Island Tourism

The beaches of the Greek islands and the Caribbean coast are often on the list of the best beaches in the world. But Australians are also spoilt for choice, because there is almost 12 000 beaches. Australian Tourism Australia's beach spokesman Brad Farmer said, what a great beach – It's something more, something like that, how they look on Instagram. "The best, what's on Australia's beaches – it's a huge variety of their natural features and rocky coves, and tropical islands, and windswept capes and even mangrove estuaries away from the coast", – farmer said..

Australia's famous Whitehaven beaches (picture) and Whitsunday, Hyams on the south coast of New South Wales as Bondi and Manley in Sydney, no doubt, Popular. Photos: Tourism and Events of the NSW

The famous Australian beaches of Whitehaven on the Whitsundays, Hyams on the south coast of New South Wales and even Bondi and Manly in Sydney, no doubt, Popular, But Farmer urges Australians to look for lesser-known beaches, that can offer something special – It's possible, it's a chance to see a wallaby on the sand or a walk on the road to the rainforest and in it itself.



"COVID-19 showed us, that we don't need to go abroad, to look for great beaches there, they're right here.".

For example, on the website you will be offered to buy lightweight backpack for travel and go on a tour called "The Best of the Whitsundays in Five Days". Stay at the Reef View Hotel on Hamilton Island, you can go on a half-day cruise to Whitehaven Beach and it'll all cost from 2139 dollars per person.

You can see the island of the Tiger and the wildlife in the World of Dreams / Dreamworld. Photos: Destination, Gold Coast.

Dreamworld offers exciting family and children's attractions. Photos: Gold Coast Destination

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