10 самых прекрасных австралийских отелей, Part 3

20 November, 2014


Орфей Айленд Резорт / Orpheus Island Resort - Большой Барьерный риф, штат Квинсленд.

Your main task will be to decide: swim in the pool today, or go to the beach.

5. Орфей Айленд Резорт / Orpheus Island Resort – The Great Barrier Reef, Stat Queensland

Predstavljaete yourself razvalivshimsja on 10 metre catamaran, moving on water area of the great barrier reef? Orpheus Island Resort Hotel has 4,5 Star, modern suites with private patios and personal spa.

Head to one of the resort bars or to Gerard Bay Beach, taking a picnic kit with you, packed by the resort's chef. There is also its own Seaplane Orpheus, who flies to Townsville and Cairns and offers 30 minute air flight with stunning views of the national park.

4. Longitude 131 ° – Uluru, State of the Northern Territories

Want to get to know Australia's most famous natural landmark in person and closely, Uluru. Stay in one of the 15 luxury private tents, sprawling on the dunes in Tjuta in Uluru Kata and enjoy the untouched nature in close proximity to the large red cliff.



Learn, why this place has such historical and spiritual significance for the indigenous people of Australia and wake up rested after a serene sleep in the silent desert.


Роскошные частные палатки в Улуру, штат Северная Территория, Австралия.



This delightful place is called Glamping / Glamping (glamorous + camping - Camping with amenities).

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