Alice Springs-a town of Northern Australia

14 Май, 2019


If you are going to visit the northern territory of Australia, then you definitely need to visit Alice Springs, that was and remains one of the most interesting cities in terms of tourists.

The town at one time appeared on the site of a small telegraph station and at the moment is particularly valuable for Australia so, that has created a special system of medical assistance, namely, air medical assistance, and also broadcasts educational shows for children, primarily aimed at the inhabitants of remote regions.

Equidistant from the city are the city of Adelaide, which is known for its delicious wines and interesting excursions, and the city of Darwin, Northern Territory. West of the city is Mount Liebig, and to the Southwest the better known mount Uluru, formerly served as the primary means to attract tourists.

Mount Uluru is known, as a place of worship and of Aboriginal habitation, who came to her 10 thousands of years ago. The hallmark of the mountains, In addition to its high historical value and preserved since ancient times rock art, is the appearance and texture of the stone, which side looks very smooth.



Tourist, visited Alice Springs, find here a large number of tourist attractions: will be able to visit the Desert Park, the old telegraph station, around which the city was founded, visit the reptile Centre, as well as take part in interesting excursions to the Botanical Garden.

Will not remain indifferent to the city and fans of more modern entertainment. To services of visitors of Alice Springs has many pubs, nightclubs, cinemas, as well as casinos and restaurants.

A rare tourist abandons the opportunity to participate in excursions on camels, as well as flying in a hot air balloon, which are the visiting card of the city, After Uluru.

Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the large number of incendiary festivals and happy holidays, that suit local residents with the aim of tourists. Visiting this holiday, you can arm yourself with positive energies and experiences for the whole coming year.

The climate in Alice Springs quite hot and dry – almost year-round temperature ranges 20 Degrees Celsius, Although summer temperatures 40 градусов. Winter is here, on the contrary the cool, There are frosts to minus 7 градусов.degrees

Alice Springs is a very interesting place, to visit every tourist, who wants to meet and join the atmosphere of old Australia, to feel part of this unusual and exciting country.


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