What Darwin is attracted to tourism?

11 Ноябрь, 2019


Darwin is a small tourist town in the Northern Territory of Australia, that attracts attention from the traditions that have survived to our time, Aboriginal customs and foundations. Expects travelers pristine nature and unsurpassed beauty gorge Katerina. A guided tour of Lichfield National Park is considered to be a must-visit in Darwin.

Darwin is ideal for a beach holiday - a tropical climate with an average temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius.



The town is rich in excursions. Guides and hotels located on the edges of the city will offer tourists:

  • Visit Fogg Dam, a natural park in 70 kilometers east of Darwin. Birds live, kangaroos and wild boars;
  • Visit to Kakadu National Park, changing with nature. Unique park, Which one, For example, in the rainy season turns into impenetrable swamps, where lizards live, Snake, crocodiles and wild boars. Later, in the arid season, the flora is actively awakened, the king of which in the area is a lotus. Numerous species of animals, birds, Insects are waiting for tourists;
  • Visit to Lichifield National Park. It's just fenced., but nature has remained untouched for centuries. Amazing waterfalls await travelers, but their special attention should be attached to termite nests.

Of course, so small town, like Darwin, unable to boast of rich infrastructure, but nature in it is pristine, and cultural heritage is priceless. In the mountains of Noalongji and Ubir still preserved drawings of "first people". A trip to the waterfalls jim-Jim and Twin Falls will leave indelible impressions and many pleasant moments.

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