Darwin Botanic Gardens

3 April, 2019


Австралийский Национальный Ботанический сад.
Australia is one such State on the planet, occupying a whole continent. It is divided into six States and two territories. Generally the word in Latin means Australia «South land».

The continent from the North and East is washed by the Pacific Ocean, and to the South and West – Indian.

The natural world of Australia as the "Horn of plenty", for a long time because the State has evolved in isolation. More 10 % land – This private ownership.



The beauty of the continent, its famous Beach Resort Gold Coast (Golden Coast) and the beauty of the underwater world of the great barrier reef attracts tourists from all corners of the world.

One of these attractions is the Darwin Botanic Gardens, bearing the name of George Brown, which was founded in 1886 year. It is located on the north side of downtown Darwin. Garden, covers an area of 42 hectare, and has in its collection of plants not only Northern Australia, but other regions. Here in natural conditions to grow marine and jestuarievye plants.

In the collection of the garden mangrove trees, tropical plants such as gelikonii, warning coloration Palms, adansonii, monsoon small. All the plants traditionally used by local natives, What explains the special tourist route.




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