Девять причин, почему стоит посетить Северные Территории (Part 2)

29 Июнь, 2014


Here are a bunch of reasons, Why Northern Territories are ideal for travel (starting with discounted flights this month). Hope they all will not leave you with no excuse, If you overlook a trip here and go "on the left".

1. If you hate PEOPLE

The Northern Territory is the least populated part of Australia, so if the interaction with people from all the juice you sucks – This is a great place to relax. Here is a small cattle farm, such as the base of Royal Bay» / Kings Creek Station, where mail delivery happens only once per week, There is no telephone network, and the news that, that Tony Abbott became our new Prime Minister comes to these places not previously, than eight weeks.

You will find switching to camels or shaking ATV through stuffed red sand dunes for five hours – experience, You'll never get talking on Facebook. All this policy works well only until then, before the time, unless you stay in any shelter on the road, where no one is going to and where you can't call home. Welcome to countryside!

Фото: путешествие по Северной Территории, Австралия.

You're not a local, not yet eaten the fly. And if eaten, then get the grid.

2. Your food to taste will have a much higher standard



Plate for tasting camel Tartarus, Tempura of crocodile, homemade jerky Kangaroo-please! Who knows, that eating meals, made from authentic Oscar Ozzy animals can be so delicious? These dishes you won't find on the streets of Sydney, most of them taste like chicken, But if their "feed" you too much cabbage to tears, Could be, place in the desert will suit you better?

Вот так едят на Северной Территории!

Food from a crocodile under clear skies.

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