Excursion to the "mythical" Arnhem Land: This place is a real Australian Paradise

18 Сентябрь, 2014


Arnhem Land abounds with cultural and tourism opportunities. Фото: Tourism in the Northern Territory.

To visit Arnhem Land tourists must obtain permission, but under the new plan, submitted by Tourism Corporation Lirrwi last month, It seeks to expand the opportunities for opening the region for tourists.

Среди планов корпорации есть программы, где мужчины могут научиться ловить рыбу с помощью копья, While women can be taught the manufacture of local products, crafts and medicines, under the supervision of local experts.

Chairman Of The Tourism Corporation Lirrvi / Lirrwi Tourism Corporation, Java «Timmy» Буррванга рассказал интернет порталу Новости Северных Территорий / NT News, for many years local dismissively called the foreign term "Balanda" people, but «they say, This attitude towards tourists is changing».

Bremer Island, in East Arnhem Land. Фото: Lauren Baht.

The State Government of the Northern Territory is also working on drawing attention to Arnemlendu, as to a place of rest. Recently the Association of tourism here was organized by the professional visit Instagrammera Lauren Baht, for, to all over the world demonstrate the main attractions of the region.

Лорен посетила Остров Бремер в северо-восточном Арнемленде.

«Какое красивое место Остров Бремер, full of life and pristine wilderness», She writes.



«In the course of 24 hours and even not exploring the main land, I was quite impressed by the Arnhem Land.

I was surprised, How accessed and opened Arnhem Land, as well as, that, It is on the coast.

Initially, in my opinion, I was expecting, that I will see something more like Kakadu Park, когда на самом деле Арнемленд является местом со своими удивительными особенностями.

I'm already looking forward to the time, When I can go back there».

For more information about visiting Arnhemland cm. lirrwitourism.com.au or travelnt.com

Bremer island sunset, East Arnhem Land. Фото: Lauren Baht

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