When Uluru will close to tourists?

2 June, 2019


Tourists rush to the Red Centre, to climb Uluru before, as his visit will be closed, but Aboriginals, the traditional owners of this land have long considered this occupation calling disrespectful attitude to their history and culture.

Tourists, travelling in the Red Centre of the Northern Territory, soon have to admire Uluru from afar

In 2017 year, the Council of the National Park, Uluru-Kata Tjuta announced, A what 26 October 2019 year, tourists will not be allowed to climb on the cliff.

The announcement was made after the, as it turned out, that less 20 percent of people, visiting the Park, committed ascent, compared to the more than 70 per cent in the previous decade.

About 140 a man climbed the rock daily 2017 Year, When the decision was only taken. But that number soared up to 300-500 the man with the approaching date of ban on climbing.

Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is sacred to indigenous Australians and, as it is considered, began to form around 550 million years ago. This place is located near the center of Australia, in the southern part of the Northern Territory, and the best way to get here from Alice Springs.

Tourists flock to Central Australia, to climb Uluru.

Why climbing Uluru has been banned



Upgrade always condemning the local owners of the National Park, Aboriginal tribe Ananga, because it was considered disrespectful because of the sacred nature of the area.

The Board of 12 people unanimously voted in favour of closing down the cliff at significantly-a symbolic date – 34-anniversary of the day, When land ownership of Uluru was returned to the people of Ananga.

Chairman and elder of the tribe Sammy Wilson delivered a passionate speech before the vote, explaining the sacral nature of rocks.

"This is an extremely important place, rather than a playground or a theme park, as Disneyland», – сказал он. "When I travel to another country, where there is a sacred place, restricted access area, I do not enter and do not get on it, I respect her. Same for Ananga. We welcome tourists here. We don't stop tourism, but only this lesson».

Mr. Wilson ended his speech by calling for unity. "On Earth there is a law and culture. We welcome tourists here. Ban on climbing – This is not something, to get upset, a cause for celebration. Let's get together; Let us close together.

Sammy Wilson talked about the pressure, that indigenous residents are experiencing, While access to Uluru remains open. For many years, Ananga experienced feelings of fear, as if someone put a gun to our head, and kept his finger on the trigger ". Author Photo: Lucy Hughes Jones

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