The best beaches in the Northern Territory: Ellery Creek, big hole, Ch.4

20 Сентябрь, 2021


Cool waters of the Big Hole of Ellery Creek. Photo: Tourism Northern Territory

On the way back towards Alice Springs we stopped at the last place for swimming., Big Hole Ellery Creek, about 90 km from the city. Это место, formed as a result of thousands of years of flooding, known to the locals of Arrernte as Udepata and is one of the many sacred sites in the Western MacDonnell Range.

The water here has become colder, and swimming here is not as comfortable as on the Finke River in the Glen Helen Gorge, but for those, who wants to stay dry, it's the perfect place for a picnic, as well as a great opportunity to take pictures.



Walk along the Dolomite Chain, on a 3-kilometer circular hiking trail, gives an incredible insight into geological history and offers breathtaking views.

This is one of the most popular reservoirs in the national park. Photo: TOURISM NT / Sean Jeffers

If you like hiking, you can supplement your visit to the West Poppy, following the long Path of Larapina, which stretches through almost all of it. – Big Hole Ellery Creek, Ormiston Gorge and another local attraction, Redbank Gorge, and these are just some of the iconic stops along the way., as well as several other places for swimming, that you, It's possible, did not expect to be found in the Central Desert of Australia.

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