The best beaches in the Northern Territory: Ormiston Gorge, Ч2

26 June, 2021


This incredible place is near Alice Springs. Photo: Lauren MakMah


"Sometimes there are as many people here, like Bondi", – told us the master, when we got off the highway and left on a dirt road, leading to the Ormiston Gorge, about 135 km or 90 a short drive from Alice Springs.

Not exactly Bondi or Turkish Bodrum, where we vacationed last year, but it definitely was a popular place: families sprawled on beach towels on the sand, children splashed on giant inflatable boats in the water.

Visit to Ormyston Gorge in McDonnell's Western Highlands is positioned as a day on the beach. Photo: Jess Caldwell and Luke Riddle

Everything looked peaceful. Giant river gums cast serene shadows on still fresh water, while the swimmers are swimming on it, and the red sandstone rocks overshadow it.



Recent rainy weather has made ormiston reservoir much wider, than usual, and in some places it was very deep – about 14 Metres away.

The resort is decorated with amenities – car park, kiosk, BBQ, public toilets, showers and a bustling visitor centre.

Well, we were waiting for another story at another popular body of water, Glen Helen Gorge on the Finke River.

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