The best northern beaches outside Alice Springs

23 June, 2021


In the middle of a dusty desert, two hours from the nearest town, it was the last place, where I expected to spend a great day at the beach.

This unlikely in the ordinary (pre-pandemic) Time contender from Australian resorts now called 'new Bali', because travel restrictions force Australians to holiday domestically.

Uluru Red Centre – it's the wrong place, where I expected to find one of the best bathing spots in the country.

I didn't even think about it., that there's generally something good you'd expect.



But about an hour and a half on a dusty road from the capital of the uninhabited area of Alice Springs it was: magnificent space with refreshing water, surrounded by a strip of golden sand; a real oasis in the midst of the proverbial thirst for desert.

Orimston Gorge – one of the many fantastic places to swim, scattered throughout the impressive Toritia National Park / West McDonnell, outside Alice Springs.

And for the crowds of tourists, fleeing the southern winter in warmer regions in the north, especially in Alice, whose popularity is now growing, for them they, as for me, such places have become a real surprise, After we found them.

This summer brought more rain to the Northern Territory, чем обычно, due to additional rainfall, the famous red desert has become greener, than the last ten years, and the reservoirs are even deeper, чем обычно.than usual

West McDonnell's Ridges were an unexpected place for a day at the beach. Photo: Jess Caldwell and Luke Riddle

So, stocked with your beach towel and packed lunch, and being confident, that crocodiles are not usually found so far south in the Northern Territories – I went with a group from Alice Springs., to spend a day at the beach.

Extension: Ormiston Gorge, ч2

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