Kakadu National Park: Когда бронировать кемпинг, ч3

22 May, 2017


Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National Park. Photo: Instagram / isometimestravel

Recently, finally wakes up the interest of Australians to the wealth of their large "outskirts" and desire to discover one of our most beautiful and natural secrets.


The popularity of Cockatoos in conjunction with disabilities placement means, that visit during the dry season it is advisable to book in advance.

For this reason, becoming popular even Gljempingi and camping, in which you can set their own tents up to 5 m in diameter and which are replete with real places of tourist accommodation during the second season in Kuinda Lodge from July to September.

While not all the seats are full, You can register your interest on their website ( flashcamp.com.au ).



"There are still a number of visitors, who come during the rest of the year, and so at this time you can also see a lot of interesting and often get a more personal experience», says Macarthur.

"We would like to encourage potential visitors, that they have done their homework and figured out all the details and have so, what they want, so they can plan their vacations in advance based on this».

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