Person this fish will receive a million dollars!

14 Июль, 2015


The fish cost 1 million dollars. Фото: Hiroaki Nakamura.

If you catch this fish-you win a million dollars! This action is part of a very unusual Australian tourism development company.


The State Government of the Northern Territory in Australia announced, A what 75 fish species of Barramundi will have tags, for which, pojmavshie their fishermen will get a cash prize $ 10 Thd. for each but for one marked fish installed premium $ 1 million. cash. All of these fish will be released into the water within the fishing campaign to attract more tourists to the Northern Territory.

Any, who is logged on and the site of the Million Dollar Fish on the Internet will be eligible to win the prize money, If he catches fish tagged with tag, released into the waters of the Top End ( Top End – geographic region, covering the northern part of the Northern Territory) в период с 1 October 2015 year and 29 Feb. 2016.

Three-quarters of the cash pool 1,75 million. Prize sponsors will provide Crown costs Bet , and the remaining amount will pay the State company "Tourism Northern Territory».



The Chief Minister of the State of (Head of Government) Adam Giles said, the campaign was designed to attract more visitors from all over Australia and from overseas to demonstrate that, that the northern territories are «the best place in the world to live, Entertainment and fishing».

Mr Giles said, that about one billion Barramundi lives in the waters of the Top End region and that, what's the probability of catching 76 tagged fish can only be guessed at.

«This is the first time such an action has been held in Australia», сказал он.

«Northern Territories are not only famous for Australia, but also internationally, its unspoiled environment Wednesday, Wildlife, and spectacular opportunities for recreational fishing», says Tristan Sloane from AFANT (Amateur Fishermen's Association Northern Territories).

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