Travel in «the mythical» Арнем Ленд

18 Сентябрь, 2014


Members of the tribe Rirratzhingi / Rirratjingu in Jurrkala / Yirrkala in East Arnemlende before the visit of the Prime Minister this week. Photo: Jack Chan.

There's incredible beaches, stunning landscapes and amazing culture, but many Australians do not even know of the existence of this place.

This place is too good, to be real.

Almost every one of the 10 Australians felt, that mythical place is Northeast of the book children's tales, According to a study, conducted by the Agency for tourism Northern Territory.

But, it seems, This Australian Paradise plot, owned by Aboriginal people will not remain secret for long.



The region became the focus of media attention after, as Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited Arnhem Land this week, one month after the adoption of a new plan, in which it was announced that development of tourism here.

Customers in Bavaka / Bawaka, East Arnhem Land. Photo: Agency for tourism in the Northern Territory.

Bordering the National Park Kakadu, The Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria, Arnhem Land was home to Jjolngu people / Yolngu, at least 60 000 Years.

Here played on original didgeridoo (one of the world's oldest wind instrument of the aborigines), Arnhem Land landscapes include rocky coastlines, outlying islands, the rivers teem with fish, lush rainforests, mountain peaks and forested savannah.

This place is an important habitat and conservation Wednesday for dugongs (marine mammals of the family lamintinov, the latter type of Seraing) and are considered among the best fishing spots in the world.

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