Next caught barramundi can cost $1 million, Part 2

16 July, 2015


Executive Director of the Association of recreational fishers State Northern Territory Tristan Sloane.

«The Northern Territories offer one of the best fishing in the world and the chance to catch the iconic barramundi is one of the most exciting challenges for true fishermen to test themselves. Besides, the winner can receive a reward of one million dollars».


«The promotion is a great occasion to go on a trip to the Top End during our low season from October to February. Anglers are encouraged to travel with their families and enjoy the unique tourism experience and spectacular scenery, that this region can offer.".

«Annually in the top End for fishing lessons come to 40 Thd. international visitors, but we want to attract even more people here, so we have lived, rested and did some spin fishing».

«New, an exciting campaign is part of the Government's plan to stimulate the development of Northern Australia and achieving economic growth through tourism State up to the level of $ 2,2 Billion. to 2020 Year».



Mr Giles, the head of the state government, said, that the event will be «Australia's biggest fisherman's competition".

The State Fishermen's Association, represented by its executive director Tristan Sloan, said, that their organization has done a great deal of work with tourism company Northern Territories, in order to ensure the carrying out of competitions and promote the sustainable growth of the fishing and tourism in the region.

«Campaign "million dollar Fish" demonstrates the importance of recreational fisheries to the region's economy and tourism Top End for both local, and visiting anglers».

To register for participation in the action – visit the site

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