New South Wales: the best secrets of the Central Coast, Part 2.

30 Ноябрь, 2013


Kilcay Beach Beach, Terrigal.

Continue the story of the secret places on the coast of Terrigal, in the Australian state of New South Wales. These places are very well known and loved by locals, but there's not much that visiting travelers know about them., but they're worth it., to get you, Once in Australia, They were visited. It is such things that make up the main charm of the country and leave the best memories of it!


In the first part of the we've already told about the Lizotto family's music restaurant, where are going the best musicians and singers from all over the world, to just relax have some fun and relax in a friendly family atmosphere. And also about Mecca for true fans of popular comedian Milligan.

Next, let's continue about other interesting places on the state coast.

Surf Club Kilcaa

There is nothing better, than eat a traditional hamburger, with sliced thick top, squeezed his soda, made in the good old factory Passiona.



Walk this way, by hammered together to whip up a beach kiosk near the Surf Club Kilkjea, titled "kill problems» – Killcare Surf Club [Address: 81 Beach Road, Killcare]. Incredible location, surrounded by greenery, overlooking Killkjea Beach.

Memorial Park

Pelicans at the entrance to Memorial Park.

Every day exactly in 3:30 Afternoon, Hungry pelicans flock to the entrance to Memorial Park where they are waiting for the assembled crowd, to feed the birds. Rain, hail or shine-not important, they're always there, to entertain the crowd. Sometimes more than 20 pelicans struggling to his fish, This is a fun spectacle for all ages. And even better is, that it absolutely free!





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