10 причин, по которым стоит посетить Южнобережье Южного Уэльса: вы можете пить вино – много вина! Ч2

12 Июль, 2017


Church Mawr - Italian family estate in New South Wales, Australia.

Forget about the Barossa or Margaret River, on the southern coast of South Wales, there are many world class wineries.

Next to the historic Berry (City, worthy visits alone) is Silage Estate Winery / Silos Estate, which produces premium wines from 1870-ies.

Move farther inland within less than an hour away and you find yourself in Southern Highlands. It is similar to the famous and popular Valley hunters, but only without the crowds, and cool climate wines here are much cheaper.

To visit Tuscany (without the need for Italian visa) go to calendar Mawr / St Maur, Italian family estate, which produces small quantities of Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Merlot and Chardonnay.



Nearby is the oldest Winery in Hajlendse, Dzhoadzha Estate / Joadja Estate, Award-winning Riesling, then take a look at Cherry Hill / Cherry Tree Hill is conveniently located nearby.

Extension: You can swim with seals and sharks, ч3

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