7 reasons for making Canberra amazing city

4 Январь, 2016


7 причин делающих Канберру удивительным городом.

This guy is really excited, caught in Canberra. Фото: Danny J Palmer.

It is believed, that Canberra – This city, in which many Australian police in bullet-proof vests. However, Canberra said, that it is a city full of happy people, and there are a bunch of amazing things, that is certainly worth a look, Such, that even Sydney "rests".


Author: Martin Fleming. Перевод: revision site: http://australia-tour.info/

I lived in Canberra for many years. And when I'm talking with other Australians, they are always good to speak about this city.

This place was originally a coal mine. Of course, This city is much less, than Sydney or Melbourne and there aren't many places, to implement aggressive for some idea of personal fitness, that many, How do I find, unnerving, but Canberra also boasts an incredibly highly rated the happiness of people, who live there.



And there are good reasons: Canberra is easily explored on foot – rush hour here consists of three cars and one tube, Also, There are many sites and attractions, that will not leave you indifferent and will take a fully, There are a lot of wide open space and lots of good bars and restaurants.

It may seem a bit strange, but a trip here just a few hours from Sydney, You may seem beautiful and cost spent on her time.


For foreign, This might seem, that Canberra as though apologizes, giving everyone free access to some really very interesting places. National Portrait Gallery, Australian War Memorial, The National Gallery and the National Museum-free entrance everywhere.

And though, that it's world class attractions, superbly equipped and built on beautiful locations, and can boast some of the amazing names such, as Pollock or Monet. The National Gallery is a place, which, without a doubt, must visit any tourist.

You can spend hours, looking at expensive cloths, saying such things, As, «Perhaps I could not miss it!» That's why you have to go to the free museums.

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