7 причин по которым действительно стоит побывать в Канберре, Part 3

14 Январь, 2016


Молочные коктейли Freakshakes
Milkshakes Freakshakes

This may seem suspicious, that one Cafe can create their own unique style of food, but the Café Patissez has managed to do it. In this place produce milk shakes in the style of Frankenstein, named «Freakshakes». They are served on a wooden platter and sowing for the table you'll find it's lomjashhimsja from a variety of delicacies such, as fudge brownie, banana caramel and homemade toasted marshmallows.

This Cafe was opened in the past year, but they guarantee you a memorable Canberra. On the other hand, Canberra hospital system also works well, so you are always ready to help, When you drastically increase your body weight, and sugar in your blood hardens to consistency of molasses. Patissez, Probably, can offer and other good stuff too, but who, черт возьми, the trip takes care of your health.

Strange attractions

How to produce real glass? Want to see, both made money Rainbow Australia? Want to get up early and fly over the city in a hot air balloon? Well, then Canberra is your city! For some reason, the capital collected themselves a nice little catalog of bizarre and amazing sights.

The Canberra glassworks is an amazing place, the Royal Mint has developed a specialty in addition every year in the Festival of balloons.



Also in Canberra conducted quite an impressive Festival of lights under the title Education / Enlighten, its competitors – Vivid Sydney Festival and overly crowded White Night Festival in Melbourne. Also the city has a Museum, dedicated to democracy. To her. Nobody in Canberra in reality this is not wanted, but all the same it is. That's democracy for you.

North against South

Many cities are northern and southern watersheds. Canberra is no exception, and in fact, I've never seen, to territorial patriotism was so strong, as it happens in Canberra.
Northerners rarely go south, vice versa (Although only about fifteen minutes by car). I was severjaninom, and I started dating with juzhankoj – It was like Montagues and Capulets.

I tell you this not to scare you, but, rather, just to inform you. Canberra in some situations is a dangerous place, and if you say something, the wrong person in the wrong area, then you have all chances of getting very, a very harsh response.

So select district, that is the most preferable for you, and then his stick. And don't even think about mentioning Queanbeyan – It's a dark place, about where Mufasa has warned Simba (прим.ред.: cartoon characters «the Lion King»).

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