Byron Bay topped the list of world hostels 2022 year, as Australians prefer to relax at home, Ch. 2

12 December, 2021


In 2022 Year Australian tourists plan trips within the country.

Next year, the East Coast of Australia will be replete with domestic tourists, and Airlie Beach and Cairns would also finish second and third, respectively..

Both made huge jumps on the list.. So Airlie Beach, located now in the Waitsunday area of Queensland, ranked only as far 295th on Hostelworld's list by number of trips, which were to take place in 2020 Year. A Cairns, which is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, then took only 114th place.

While at Hostelworld more applications for domestic tourism were presented, and only nine of the 20 the best resorts were outside Australia.

57 percent of all bookings on 2022 year accounted for international travel.

Travelers still seek to get abroad, but Australia is still popular.

Ratings and growth trends compared bookings, made in the last three months – with 10 August to 10 November for travel in 2022 Year.

Trends 2022 years compared to similar figures before the pandemic using the same booking period from August to November 2019 years for travel, which were to take place in 2020 Year, regardless of any cancelled travel.

So, Here's 20 the most booked destinations by Australian travellers in 2022 year on Hostelworld:

1. Byron Bay, New South Wales

2. Эйрли-Бич, Квинсленд

3. Кэрнс, Квинсленд

4. Лондон, United Kingdom

5. Surfers Paradise, Квинсленд.

6. Amsterdam, Голландия

7. Sydney, New South Wales



8. Barcelona, Spain

9. Paris, France

10. Rome, Italy

11. Афины, Greece

12. Hobart, Tasmania

13. Квинстаун, Новая Зеландия

14. Alice Springs, N.T.

15. Budapest, Hungary

16. Nusa, Квинсленд

17. Blue Mountains, New South Wales

18. Coral Bay, Western Australia

19. Launceston, Tasmania

20. Honolulu, Hawaii

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