Byron Bay tops the list of strange Australian trends

23 November, 2021


Forget about a month in Italy or a cruise to the Greek islands, we have found the best ways to plan a European holiday right here, in your backyard.

Byron Bay is once again becoming insanely popular with travellers and this new South Wales coastal harbour is flooded with more than just Australian families and couples..

For the first time in history, Byron Bay ranked first on Hostelworld's global booking site for booking Australian hostels in 2022 Year.

Hostelworld data showed, that about half of Australian hikers are not interested in fleeing abroad next year, at the same time, this hostel site is posted 43% Australian accommodation bookings.

Byron Bay the following year took first place in the Rankings of Hostelworld.

But Australian hikers are interested not only in Byron Bay..

Eleven of 20 Destinations, booked by Australians for trips to hostels in 2022 Year, were internal.



This data shocked Hostelworld: usually, in the pre-pandemic period, just less 5% of Australians booked annual trips within Australia.

In 2019 a year, just under seven million bookings were made on the global booking site.

In 2019 Year, before the pandemic, no Australian city or town was in the top 20 of Hostelworld's list.

And, although these data would no longer come as a shock in 2020 and 2021 years, when the closure of international borders led to a halt in global travel, Australians will continue the trend to stay home in 2022 Year.

Australian tourists prefer to travel at home in 2022 Year.

Byron Bay recorded significant growth, moving from 32nd place to 2019 year to the first place in 2022 Year, and the number of bookings to this town has increased by 86%.

But there is still interest in traveling abroad.: hostel in London took the fourth place, hostel in Amsterdam took the sixth place, and Barcelona finished eighth.

Before the pandemic, Australians booked the most hostels in Tokyo, London and Amsterdam.

Extension: Byron Bay topped the list of world hostels 2022 year, as Australians prefer to relax at home, Ch. 2

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