Digger Beach and Kronalla Beach, New South Wales, ч6

27 February, 2018


Early bird on the beach Diggers, Coffs Harbour. Фото: Dallas Kilponen / Tour company «destination new South Wales».

Why: conveniently located directly across the road to Coffs Harbour from the famous Large Banana, wide and protected Beach Digger Beach is equally attractive for both local residents, and for visitors.

«This beach is home to me», – says founder and designer of the company sells Beach swimsuits, Adam Butler. «Infrastructure was rebuilt not long ago, over the past few years, but the stunning beach with golden sand and smooth ocean pebbles, and in the southern part there are beautiful, relaxing waves.»

Tip of the day: «as in any beach Middle-North Coast, You can expect, that at the end of the day is becoming very windy, so avoid the crowds of holidaymakers and leaving early,» – advises Adam. «Moreover, If you have time, on the promontory there is a rocky formation with a beautiful legend, related to Aboriginal history, which is definitely worth it, to get there take a walk ".

Kronalla Beach, New South Wales



Why: Sandy Beach and cult place surfing world-class breaks, Kronalla Beach is located just 50 minute train ride from Sydney's central business district. As the founder and designer of the company producing swimsuits Funky Trunks group & Funkita, Duncan Mclean: "I especially love the South end of the beach".

"This is the place, where I like to swim for a long time. The water is so transparent, and fished a lot of marine life, so long swim very interesting».

Tip of the day: » Zimzala is situated near great Cafe with coffee and muffins, where you can go barefoot and directly facilitate the process of restoration after bathing!», said Duncan.

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