Genocan Caves in the Blue Mountains

29 Январь, 2020


One of the most unusual and delightful places in Australia are the Genocan caves. This amazing creation of nature is located in the Blue Mountains, that a couple of hundred kilometres from Sydney. Conventionally, these caves are divided into light, illuminated by the rays of the sun and the dark, who've never seen sunlight. This feature did not affect their popularity. How light, and dark caves are visited by thousands of tourists every year, who find something unique and unique in each of them.

Getting inside the cave, you find yourself in a different reality. The limestone sculptures shimmering with all sorts of colors evoke delight and irresistible feeling to stay here as much as possible, explore and know every millimeter of this masterpiece. Some of the largest and most exciting caves have been named.



The most famous among them:

  • Big Arch,
  • Carlota Arch,
  • Devil's Carriage Shed,
  • River,
  • Imperial,
  • Camara.

Interesting remains the fact, that the Genocan caves are not explored to the end and no one knows for sure, what's hidden in the deep depths of Australia's land. Who knows, what other amazing surprises she has prepared for us.


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