This abandoned beach is considered the best in Australia, Ch. 2

21 January, 2022


Halcyon House Boutique Hotel has drawn the world's attention to the Tweed region. Photo: James Horan

Naturally, such good places do not remain a secret for a long time. Modest, Tweed's low-key coolness couldn't hide his stunning beauty forever..

My slap on the forehead "of course"!» The moment has come in 2015 Year, when I attended the opening presentation of the Halcyon House Boutique Hotel.

Reconstructing an old surf motel with exquisite Caprian style, smart owners of the hotel were the first to bet on Tweed, revealing this hidden beauty from radar. It wasn't long before that., how these red beacons spread across Google Maps, as a place of rest chosen by teenagers.

Now the number of incredible impressions is constantly growing here, received as from accommodation, and from great restaurants and excursions in nature.

Really, Last year Cabarita Beach was named the best in Australia. Surrounded by a grassy promontory with play-friendly shoals and crystal clear waves, he is a worthy opponent of the famous Vategos byron.

Famous chef Ben Devlin grew up in the area, but left, to pursue a career in Brisbane and beyond, even after spending two years at the famous Noma in Copenhagen. He initially returned on a six-month contract as a chef at the impeccable Paper Daisy restaurant at Halcyon House..

Five years later, it still hasn't retreated north., and instead remained, to open your own Pipit restaurant in tiny coastal Pottsville.



Chic diner with an emphasis on provenance, which Ben discovered with his wife Ian, offers the best products of the region, from seafood to tropical fruits. He says, A what, despite Tweed's fast-growing popularity, part of its appeal is that, that it still feels like a hidden gem.

" In a network of beach towns, such as Kingscliff, Cabarita, Hastings and Pottsville, so far much freer, than in more popular resorts, and each of them has its own identity, but is still a collective group.".

Ben's Hyperlocal Approach in Paper Daisy, and now in Pipit, no doubt, inspired many restaurateurs and visitors to do so, to treat Tweed as a place, where a well-thought-out menu is appreciated.

Pipit Restaurant, Pottsville. Photo: Sabine Bannard

From regular eateries, such as Lolita’s Cantina and Osteria in Casuarina, to the exquisite Fins eateries in Kingscliff and the recent laudatory openings of the fresh colonial Tweed River House in Moorwillumba, and the Cabarita Diner No. 35 Kitchen and Bar with Italian accent, a movement for good food. clearly gaining momentum.

Not to mention the city's worthy cafes, who regained territory, which has historically been the territory of a very hot mugachino. And there were next-generation manufacturers., which make full use of the fertile soils of the Tweed Caldera.

Drive inland to the elegant door of the Husk Distillers cellar in Tumbulguma, to dine on the lawn and taste their iridescent inky gin and spicy rum, and you will begin to understand the huge, barely utilized potential of the region.

But people think quickly., slap themselves on the forehead, Realizing, that could rest here all this time.

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