Лучшие места для семейного отдыха в Австралии: New South Wales, Part 2

12 December, 2014


Побережье Памбула, штат Новый Южный Уэльс.

This state is The Most Populous State in Australia, but there are a lot of beaches, such as Pambula, where there are no crowds of tourists.

New South Wales

Along the coast of New South Wales there are many beaches, ideal for families of all ages.

On the Sapphire Coast, located in the Far South of the state, such cities, as Merymbula and Pamyuula have been popular with Victorians for many years, who want to escape from the icy southern waters. Both of these cities have all beaches available for swimming, as well as surf beaches – these are good options for families with children of different ages. Nearby is an amusement park - Magic Mountain / Magic Mountain. Go there, if your kids are tired of endless days on the beach, and you want to try to pull sleds down the Hill giant metal slides.

Another variant on the South Coast – Kiola Beach Holiday Park / Kioloa Beach Holiday Park . Spend the day, studying the mountain pond, Watching the kangaroo and play with the kids on a private beach. You can spend the night camping or stay in guest cabins, and there will be a lot of other families with kids, you can make friends with.

Горнолыжная область Селвин.

You can already start planning your future winter holidays. Selwyn Ski Resort, located in the southern part of the State of new South Wales is one of the most child friendly snow resorts in Australia, for them it is always easy to access horse sleds and snow tubing.

If you want to plan your winter vacation, the snowy region Selwyn (http://www.selwynsnow.com.au/) is an excellent option for families. There's a lot of value here., compared to some other ski resorts, give easy access to sleigh rides (which is the best way to instill in children a love of snow and winter sports), there are also big cafes, and light ski slopes for beginners.

On the northern coast of, popular with families, enjoys beaches Beach Jetty in Coffs Harbour. There you will find great parks, and safe for bathing children Beach.



For families, wanting to get away from the big cities Beach populated, Seal Rocks / Seal Rocks is a great place for a family holiday. There is a fantastic caravan park opposite the "number one Beach», and many small lakes in the rocks, who love children. There is also a lighthouse, to which the fairly steep climb to the top, and that it is desirable to exclude small children – but the view is worth it.

If you are looking for a place for recreation, you, It's possible, worth a try to stay near the Zoo in Dubbo Western Plains Zoo (http://taronga.org.au/taronga-western-plains-zoo), – where you can stay the night under the open sky, and to really plunge into the atmosphere of Safari.

Пещеры Дженолан.

Genolan caves may be difficult for young children, but the older children here will love to explore the stunning underworld.

Genolan Caves (http://www.jenolancaves.org.au/), located on the Western side of the blue mountains are perfect for older children. These caves are the largest in Australia, and the oldest in the world. Many properties can be found on their website (to properly explore the region, worth planning this tour as a day trip from Sydney – Although this place is only 3 hours from the city).

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