Knightcap National Park, Ч3

25 March, 2021


The mighty Volumbin volcano at sunset. Photo: Peter Derrett

Have a picnic, walk or set up a campground in Knightcap National Park, World Heritage Site, With a view of the waterfalls, creeks and slopes. Here you can admire the view of The Vollumbin Volcano, truly impressive attraction, more than 20 million years ago.

Caldera Volcano – cup-shaped hollow – UNESCO "may, the best preserved erosive caldera in the world".

It's not the only claim to fame., which this naturally beautiful region possesses.

A walking trail through the Iluka Rainforest leads visitors through the Iluka Nature Reserve, largest surviving rainforest by the sea in New South Wales.



If you want to see something really special, it's surf at Angour Beach and Yuryaghir National Park / Yuraygir with the longest undeveloped coastline in New South Wales.

If you want to touch a more recent history, then head to the infamous Protesters Falls Pedestrian Trail, named after an environmental protest 1979 year, protesters blocked the way for bulldozers, to stop the deforestation of the rainforest in Ternia Creek.

It's the perfect place for water entertainment. Photo: Tourism Australia

Extension: The charming towns of the northern regions offer plenty of craft shops and boutiques, Ch4
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